Sunday, October 23, 2011

Pinterest has encouraged me to be crafty again!

So not only is Pinterest extremely addicting BUT it is also helping me decorate my house! Here are some projects I am currently working on.

First thing is hanging fabric. I knew that just pasting the fabric on the wall was not the look i was going for. :) And I also knew that canvas the size i wanted was going to be extremely expensive. So I had this GREAT fabric but I was at a loss for what to do with it.

Then I was hunting around in Hobby Lobby and found canvas stretchers! I had never heard of them until this exciting trip to HL nor was i really sure how to use them. But where a 34x32 canvas would be well over $30. I bought 4 pieces to make a frame for $9! Not only is this my kind of deal! But now i would not be covering canvas with fabric. But my fabric would be the canvas! Here are some photos from my adventure. (And as always - I used push pins. Because I like to reserve my right to change my mind and not loose the fabric!)

I am also re-working the pieces below (which I have pinned to my pinterest boards) to make them my own and also fit in my very green living room! I'll update again with the finished products.
Pinned Image

Pinned Image

Friday, October 21, 2011

Project: Floor

One of the most time consuming projects we have tackled ourselves has been the floors!!! Sure there was carpet that has been down for at least 20 years. But there was hardwood underneath! So why shouldn't two 20 something girls be able to figure this out?

At least that is what we thought...
Green Shag in Anna's room

We called in Anna's dad to take the carpet away!

And we cleaned the floors in this room in ONE evening!

Sure I had the black lung for a week BUT it was done!
We hoped the rest of the house would be so easy...

Boy were we wrong!

Under the carpet was red padding that was either suctioned to the floor or completly molded to the floor.

 After about 3 weeks of using a putty knife to scrape the floor we decided to call in reinforcements!!!

Having the chemicals helped! But it was still a slow process! Finally once all of the red was removed (if there is still red on the floor it deserves to stay!) we have sealed the floor and it looks AMAZING!

Would I do this again? Probably not... ok definitely not. But the floors might be my favorite part of the house. Except for the stairs!! But that is another story.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


So here is the short version of this story.

But first a little history: My grandparents own a house in East Point...

They have for a really really long time. WELL they also own a house in Blairsville (in the North Georgia Mtns) and here lately they have been spending most of their time up "north."
Flash forward to a little over a month ago: We discovered that the electricity had been off in the house for 4 months! So, I decided it was time for someone to actually take residence inside the house and be there to take care of it.

Just so happens that the lucky person is ME! And Anna has thankfully decided to join in this adventure with me!

So granted am I a little behind in blogging this process (no real surprise there) because we have already started renovating but here are some before photos from my trusty iPhone.

 This pretty fantastic 100% vintage shag carpet will be in Anna's room. Sure its been there for over 30 years. But I'm pretty sure shes going to get rid of it...

 This is the closet in Anna's room. While it has its own set of issues. THERE IS HARDWOOD FLOOR UNDER HERE!
 Back door... needs some fixing. Because as of right now I can break in. (Don't worry I fixed it before we slept there)
 Enchanted Forest? Or the scary forest straight out of Lord of the Rings? take your pick
 We dont go down here... EVER
 Pink bathroom. Believe it or not the sink and toilet used to match the tub.
 Yes, I got in the tub for this shot!
 The carport! One day my little Echo will fit in here!

 Hallway (from the end pointing towards the kitchen)
 Kitchen: if you look closely enough on the fridge there are 2 pretty amazing photos from my childhood

 Kitchen: from the side door

 Kitchen: from the other direction. Remember how i said the electricity was off for 4 months? Well, the fridge needed a serious cleaning so you see all the shelves on the floor. (ps- NOT fun putting it back together again)

 Living Room: furniture everywhere!
 And everywhere!

Almost forgot my room!
The green trim in a new addition. But watch out for the straw hat. I have heard that there is a pin in it!

Finally outside! Here is the house. I hope you understand the general lay out! More pictures of our progress soon!

I love this house! It is going to be a GREAT place to live :)

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Make room Mustache! New props are on the way!!!

I think I have a weekend project in my future!

All photos by Aubrey Trinnaman for Oh Happy Day